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Explore to Restore LLC - Experience the "WOW Factor" in Visual Climate Enhancement

Explore to Restore LLC. has the experience in creating custom images in wall covering and display murals to take your business or educational institute to the next level in physical appearance. We work to create custom imagery that brightens the best in people! Whether creating ambiance for a restaurant, emphasizing corporate culture in a business, restoring school culture and climate in educational settings or adding a finishing touch to interior design, our high quality graphics can transform any space with vivid colors while conveying your message or your brand to potential customers and or guest.

We use state of the art printing equipment to produce our signature vivid colors and crisp clarity. Our high quality color matching technology strives to keep the wall murals we produce cohesive with your branding. Our materials and laminates are of the best quality to ensure that your display graphics remain vivid for many years.

     • Promote Corporate and School Identity, Culture, and Values: Mural paintings are the perfect expression of a company's culture, mission and values. Dedicating time to sharing them in detail with your designer is key to capturing the adequate style and making sure wall decorations "breathe" the corporate and school identity.

     • Make it Fun, Make it Memorable: People tend to remember the fun and happy moments in life. By incorporating a touch of happiness in mural designs, you're increasing the impact on your viewers. Leave a lasting impression on employees, students and visitors, even long after they've left the office or school setting.

     • The Power of Color: Research has proven that colors impact our minds and attitude. Choosing the correct color palette for each space is key to maximize the effects of wall decorating. Ask yourself - how do I want people to feel when they step into the main office, reception lobby, a meeting room, etc.? When combining the right colors, you're bringing out the desired moods and attitudes for any given space; it can make a difference in terms of adding character and influencing people's minds. 

Turner Elementary School (Before & After)

Bowie State University Men's Basketball Locker Room (Before & After)


Bishop McNamara High School (After)


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